500 Watt Solar System Package

Load Type: AC and DC

Capacity: 500W

Backup: Up-to 8 Hours

Appliance: 3 Ceiling Fan, 6 Lights & 1 LED TV

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500 Watt Solar System Package


Bangladesh lies in the northeastern part of South Asia between 20º34´ and 26º38´ North latitude and 88º01´ to 92º42´ East longitude with an area of 147,570 km2 and a population density of about 1016 persons/km2.  Apart from a few city states, its population density is considered as a matter of concern in the world. Its population, however, are dispersed evenly across the country except for the hilly southeastern districts. The growing pressure of increasing population added to the stress on natural resources.

Solar Power Grid System


For the first time in Bangladesh, SRE project has successfully completed solar market electrification in a rural market at Gangutia under Shoilkupa Upozila in Jhenaidah district. Centralized solar power unit replaced previous diesel power generator, increased average two merchandizing hours of connected 50 shops including grocery, tailor, mobile charging, tea stall, food processing industry, health center, etc. LGED has installed another centralized solar AC power unit of capacity 5 kWp at Sairakhali  Jaldaspara is a remote sea-shore and off-grid area located in Fariakhali union under Chakaria upazila in Cox’s Bazar district. The purpose of this mini-grid system is to give access to electricity for coastal community through SRE project. The 5 kWp centralized AC solar power unit was the mile stone intervention of mini grid system in our country.

Solar PV System
Solar System Provider Bangladesh

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