250-Watt Poly Crystalline Solar Panel Price

Panel Type: Poly Crystalline

Output Power: 250W

Output Voltage: 29.5V

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Poly Crystalline Solar Panel Price

The reason poly crystalline solar panel is less expensive than monocrystalline solar panels price is because of the way the silicon is made. Basically, the molten silicon is poured into a cast instead of being made into a single crystal.

So this material can be synthesized easily by allowing liquid silicon to cool using a seed crystal of the desired crystal structure. Additionally and other methods for crystallizing amorphous silicon to form polysilicon exist such as high temperature chemical vapor deposition – CVD.

In the cast process, silicon pieces are melted in a ceramic crucible and then formed in a graphite mold to form an ingot. As the molten silicon is cooling a seed crystal of the desired crystal structure is introduced to facilitate formation.

Although molding and using multiple silicon cells requires less silicon and reduces the manufacturing costs but it also reduces the efficiency of the solar panels.

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