Solar Panel Bangladesh 500-Watt Mono Crystalline

Panel Type: Mono Crystalline

Output Power: 500W

Output Voltage: 37.5V

20 Years of Output Power Guaranty

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Solar Panel Bangladesh

Solar energy refers to the process of generating electricity from sunlight. Sunlight is an inexhaustible source of energy. It is going to shine every day. It is the electricity that runs your electronic devices at home. It is much more powerful than that. The amount of power the sun can produce could sustain us for a year if all of it could be captured.

Mono Crystalline Solar Panel Bangladesh

As the name implies this type of solar panel are unique in their use of a single, very pure crystal of silicon. Using a process, similar to making semi-conductors, silicon dioxide of either quartzite gravel or crushed quartz is placed into an electric arc furnace. Heat is then applied and the result is carbon dioxide and molten silicon. This simple process yields silicon with one percent impurity, useful in many industries but not the solar industry.

Types of the common solar Panel system in Bangladesh

There are mainly 3 types of photovoltaic or solar power installation. Each of them comes with unique features and limitations too. Check out which system is right for you.

Grid-tied system solar – Having a grid-tied solar system means that the solar system is connected to the public grid. This is a regular type for those to want to cut down some electricity bills. Solar panel Bangladesh, Since solar energy is excessive in quantity, this system automatically transfers excessive power to the grid. The arrangement of selling the extra electricity to the network through net metering is a great way to earn some incentives. Net metering will cost additional installation charges, but you will be saving much more over the lifetime

Off-grid solar system

Once you pay for installation upfront off-grid system, you will be paying no bills. Sunlight is abundant, after all. The off-grid solar system is seen mostly in remote places, not having access to power supply. This is designed for those who are deprived of electricity for the geographical condition. solar panel Bangladesh The off-grid system is self-sufficient; hence, you need to consider the climate of the location. Because this is a totally independent system, it is combined with other energies like wind or water energy to avoid power cuts in an emergency.

Solar PV System
Solar System price in Bangladesh

Solar power system work:

  1. Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that collect the sunlight. When the sunlight hits the Pv cells, they absorb the energy and generate Direct current
  2. The direct current stored in the PV cells is converted into usable alternative electricity by inverter technology.
  3. The usable energy flows through the net metering. powering the devices at your home. This is how solar power work for you when once you install the solar panels and the inverter.

Solar panel price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has the right climate to breed the solar panel power system. The geographical location is conducive to solar energy. Many private and Government projects have encouraged solar power to cut down the electricity expenses as well as to utilize the natural resource. In fact, solar-powered products are trendy here. From a calculator to the water pump, it is widely used in both urban and rural places.

Buy Solar systems in Bangladesh powered products from Roztec. It is one of the reliable services in engineering solutions. It has been working with large projects in various sectors.


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